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Car Detailing in Charlottesville, VA


Providing services since 2003, Automotive Aesthetic is unique in that we specialize in providing Charlottesville car detailing services to clients who demand the utmost in precision and artistry in every part of their driving experience. Like many of the cars that come through our shop, our work revolves around the purity and sacredness of the relationship between an owner and their vehicle.

Automotive Aesthetic seeks to satisfy clients with value preservation and comprehensive detailing. Unfortunately, it is easy for cars to be neglected in the hustle and bustle of large-scale detailing syndicates. While a car may appear satisfactory upon completion, micro scratches in the paint (though concealed initially) often reappear. Hologram-like images may also appear across the veneer. Each of these phenomena is a result of poor detailing techniques. After these issues are resolved we often recommend long-term protection with Xpel paint protection film (clear bra) and Modesta coatings.

Automotive Aesthetic uses only the best tools and products the world has to offer. We are able to remove these defects and, with proper maintenance and application of protection, ensure that they never come back. 

Treating each vehicle individually and with utmost care and attention, Automotive Aesthetic operates under the understanding that each car is an investment. Our priority is chiefly with satisfying the client: ensuring the utmost care and full attention to every project we undertake.

Our studio is located in the Charlottesville area however, many car enthusiasts have come from far-off lands for their vehicles to be cared for by Automotive Aesthetic. We also offer pickup and dropoff services for those who might not have the time to visit our shop. We even have the ability to trailer those vehicles that need a little extra care.

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Call 434-409-5248 or schedule a free consultation online.

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