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We deliberately keep a small team here at Automotive Aesthetic in order to guarantee the highest degree of quality and consistency. We each bring a relentless pursuit of perfection in our respective fields, and we delight in your satisfaction with our work. Our motto around the shop is adapted from the service mantra of a James Beard Award winning chef: Every client is impressed by every element of their experience with Automotive Aesthetic at all times.

Owner and Master Detailer

Daniel is the founder of Automotive Aesthetic. His passion for automobiles runs in his blood. He is a master of his craft, and an artisan of fine car care. Daniel holds BA in Government from The University of Virginia. 

Detailing Technician

Steven is a detailing apprentice whose passion for cleaning cars is driven by his enthusiasm for cars. As a young car enthusiast, he was always looking for a spot in the car scene growing up in a small town like Charlottesville. Cleaning and caring for cars first started when he purchased his first car at the age of 16. He is quickly learning our approach and techniques and Automotive Aesthetic has given him a sharp eye for detailing. We are greatly benefitting from his hard work and dedication. 


Graeme is our in house videographer. He creates social media content for an array of brands and race teams.  Graeme lives in Charlottesville with his wife, Liz, and their two dogs. 

Detailing Technician

Bryan is a detailing apprentice who started his automotive journey at the age of six. Spending every free moment he had at car shows, auto-cross events and track days; Bryan became enamored with race-cars. Consequently, Bryan pursued a career as a mechanical technician, before entering into the detailing field, which was perfect for us—comfortable around cars, but trainable to be a detailing tech. As a result of his mechanical knowledge and hard work ethic, Bryan is a valuable asset to Automotive Aesthetic’s unique approach to the detailing process.

Creative Director

Sam is the brains behind Automotive Aesthetic's photography, design, and creative development.. Sam has been working with Automotive Aesthetic for over five years. Sam holds a BFA in photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. When he's not at Automotive Aesthetic, Sam lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and works as a freelance photographer and retoucher.

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