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Glassparency™ - The Choice Has Never Been So Clear

Exciting times here at Automotive Aesthetic! We are now certified to install and maintain Glassparency windshield and glass coatings.

Bryan & Steven Proudly Displaying Their Certification

What is Glassparency? Just for a moment, forget everything you know about your car’s glass.

There is a very strong argument to be made that the windshield of your car is the most abused surface you own. Think about it. What other object in your life is constantly outside (exposed to the elements) needs to be completely transparent and is subjected to a constant barrage of rocks and other road debris at 80 m.p.h.?

When road debris hits your windshield, it begins to accumulate the farther you drive. As an example, imagine it starts raining. You, without thinking, flick on your wipers. Little do you know that you just did the worst thing possible. The accumulated dirt, debris and other grime on your glass are then ground into your windshield as your wipers cycle back-and-forth. This process of grinding the debris into the windshield is known as abrasion.

Steven Preparing the Car for Glassparency

Abrasion is what allows the water adhere to your glass, instead of beading up and flying off without the need for wipers. This is because abrasion increases the surface area of the glass, generating more peaks and valleys for water to cling to and causes visual distortion.

That’s where we (and Glassparency) come in. Glassparency is truly the first product of its kind. Glassparency itself is a nano-coating comprised of an active and inactive ingredient that are applied to glass surfaces in sequence. Once applied, these compounds form a chemical bond to the glass that prohibits water and other road debris from adhering to your glass surfaces. Glassparency is so confident in its product that it provides a three year warranty to any user, for free.

We’re big on research here at Automotive Aesthetic. Before we committed to Glassparency, we tested six different coatings for glass, and Glassparency was the best. But that wasn’t good enough for us.

Automotive Aesthetic's Certification

Combining Glassparency’s recommended procedure with our own unique application process, we generated what we believe is the best water-repellency product on the market. Our process results in double the amount of Glassparency’s active ingredient being laid on the glass. That allows for greater longevity and better protection.

There are some things that are “wants” and not “needs” in the world. However, I believe that Glassparency falls into the “needs” category. And I’ll prove to you why.

My father often travels in excess of 500 miles for his consulting work. Oh, and he hates to fly. That means that he often drives up and down the Eastern Seaboard for hours, alone. While my father will kill me for saying this, he’s now in his sixties, and doesn’t see or react as well as he once did.

I’ve started to worry about him on his long drives, which often go through the night. Consequently, I decided to apply Glassparency to his windshield before his most recent trip. While he was travelling, around eight o’clock in the evening, I received a phone call from him.

Me: “Hi pop. What’s up?”

My father: “It’s pouring rain and everyone else has their wipers on full-speed and traffic is at a halt. And I don’t need them! I can see perfectly.”

Me: “Awesome, I’m glad.”

My father: “You have no idea how much easier it makes driving through the rain. I can actually see with no or little need for wipers. The water is just flying off.”

I know that sounds like cliche marketing. But if you know me, you'll know I'm a straight shooter. Oh, and also a geek who talks about detailing constantly.

I wouldn’t say this unless I really believed it: Just because governing bodies don’t require Glassparency, doesn’t make it unnecessary. It really is a safety feature that could save you and your loved ones. See the images below for a comparison of before (photo one) and after Glassparency (photos two and three). Notice the beads flying off in the after pictures, relative to the clinging “sheets” of water on a naked windshield.

Glassparency bonds to your glass surfaces and offers a litany of other advantages including:

  • Snow and ice repellency

  • Glass that stays cleaner, longer

  • Clearer vision at night by reducing halos as a result of clearer glass

Glassparency packages are available for your windshield and your entire vehicle. Please feel free to call us for further inquiries. Make sure you mention that you read our blog article!

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