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Black Sedan on Road


After a few years of ownership, vehicles begin to accumulate an abundance of rock chips from highway driving or, for those more fortunate- track sessions. These small defects add up to detract from the overall appearance of the car, and truly show the cars age. In these extreme cases the only true solution to this issue is a quality repaint, but there is a preventative solution. 


Paint Protection Film is not a new development, however, in more recent years the quality of these films has improved greatly. The original films tarnished the reputation of the term Clear Bras, by yellowing and cracking as a result of poor adhesive solutions. The oxidized adhesive was beneath the film, and therefore could not be polished out. However, these yellowing and cracking films are now a thing of the past.

The quality of film is only one part of a quality install; Equally important is the skill of the installer. Picture wrapping a piece of paper around an orange perfectly. Now you may begin understand how difficult this task is. However, all work undertaken within the confines of our studio is to the highest standards. We currently use Xpel. By carefully removing and reinstalling badges, headlight and other aspects we are able to hide the Xpel film, thereby achieving the highest result. 

Full Front | $2150+

Track Package | inquire

Entire Vehicle | inquire

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