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A detail for the 911 owner, by a 911 owner.

This detailing package is a love story. I bought my first 911 when I was 13 years old. It was a 1977 911S, the first years of the galvanized body. Nevertheless, that car was what turned me from a kid who grew up around motorsports to a passionate car enthusiast. Since those years I have owned numerous other Porsches and while I don’t have the knowledge to fix the broken head studs on those 2.7 liter motors, I do consider myself a 911 specialist... these are the cars that made me decide to do what I do.  

The wanderlust 911 detail is a truly specialized package for your 911. Removal of badges, and trim is a must for these cars to truly rejuvenate the car to the condition the car was in when leaving the Zuffenhausen factory. The starting price for this detail is very arbitrary, because each and every car has its own peculiarities and personality that makes it what it is. The low nose of these cars is known to accumulate rock chips, in these cases we can (if the owner should chose) to subcontract a respray of affected areas. The rock guards on the sexy hips of our cars are known to show their age, those can be replaced. Automotive Aesthetic is truly the most specialized and knowledgable in Virginia to care for your air cooled 911, because after all I care for my own. 


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